Natural Beauty Shoot! Avon Senior Photographer

This next session is pretty important. It’s difficult to work in the photography industry, or be a teenage girl and not be inundated with images of what “beautiful” is supposed to be. Sometimes it’s important to step back and realize that we all are beautiful in our own way. Our uniqueness makes us beautiful and special. I have listened to far too many young people tell me that they are some how “less than” because something about them is not “perfect.” It just kills me to hear these comments! Meanwhile, I’ve just edited their senior portraits thinking to myself how gorgeous, or sweet, or special their images are. Often, to me, the thing that makes people different are the things they want to hide, but they are the things I want to showcase in my photography. This led me to challenge some of my seniors to participate in a “Natural Beauty” shoot without any makeup or fancy hairstyling. They were instructed to come as they are without anything artificial to hide behind or cover them up. This is what we created together:

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